Frequently Asked Questions

Woman Standing on ScaleWhat is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural dream-like state and we all go in and out of it every day. Have you ever been on automatic pilot whilst driving? Or so involved in a film that you don’t notice the time? These are every day examples of hypnosis.

What is hypnotherapy?

Therapy used by a trained professional to promote positive change in an individual who is under hypnosis.

Can anyone be hypnotised?

Anyone who is a willing participant can be hypnotised. Exceptions to this could be clients who are brought to a session because someone else has decided that it is a good idea for them. In this case hypnosis may not be achieved.

Does it work?

Yes, hypnotherapy is very effective. Success comes from a combination of your desire to make positive changes, a willingness to participate in the tasks recommended between sessions and our professional expertise.

What happens during a session?

This will vary from session to session and client to client as we treat each client as an individual. Generally, in the first session there is some work done using the conscious mind such as our guidelines and principles to help you on your journey to success. We use a combination of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Visualisation and Hypnotherapy. We spend part of the session discussing the improvements made since the previous session and part of it in the lovely, dream-like relaxed state of hypnosis.

What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming is reprogramming the way our brains use language and how we can visualise our own future.

How will I feel?

Clients have said that they feel totally relaxed and sometimes they feel a floating, lifted feeling or a tingling sensation and sometimes a heavy sensation, so the feelings are quite varied, but generally there is a sense of wellbeing noticed after the session.

What do I wear?

You can wear your everyday clothes, it helps to wear something you are comfortable in to make relaxing easier.

Will I need to do anything in between sessions?

You may be given some tasks to complete in between sessions, such as a journal, or practicing relaxation techniques or a small amount related material to read and digest.

Are the sessions confidential?

We are committed to our code of ethics which ensures that we practice confidentiality and all of our sessions are also non-judgemental and empathic.

How long does a session last for?

A typical session lasts for an hour and an initial consultation lasts for 20-30 minutes.

Can I be made to do things against my will?

No, when you are in the relaxed state of hypnosis, you still have freedom of choice and are not forced to accept any suggestions or ideas with which you disagree or which do not fit into your own set of values.

Suitability for treatment

We are not able to treat very young children. Young people under 16 require parental consent and accompaniment. People with any psychiatric and certain physical (for example neurological) conditions are not suitable for hypnotherapy. This is would be contrary to our professional membership code of ethics and thus we reserve the right to either decline treatment altogether or suggest an alternative.

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Great News for Hypnotherapy as Gemma Collins shares her powerful story of weight loss using a Hypnotherapist to help her resolve her issues with food and eating. This inspiring story is a great example of the power of this amazing therapy  helping you remove any unconscious blocks that may be preventing you from the easy weight reduction that you want. Watch this short clip of her speaking on  the show, This Morning! Very inspiring and a great example of a typical end result with our clients. This process can be life changing. For all enquiries please call or email Rachel or Samantha Rachel 07833 102 300 email   Samantha 075 222 777 22      ... read more
How our treatment works

How our treatment works

Rachel and Samantha combine their knowledge and expertise to offer the Hypnotic Gastric Band as a pioneering treatment for weight control. This unique therapy involves Hypnotherapy to allow clients to believe they have undergone actual Gastric band surgery We have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind controls all of our behaviour, this is the part of our mind that we work with to create lasting changes. We have the expertise to resolve any issues linked with food and eating patterns, making your lifestyle changes permanent. Using a combination of leading edge Hypnotherapy and cognitive techniques. Creating a unique and bespoke package to suit individuals who desire freedom from yo yo dieting and weight gain. Clients are amazed at how easy it becomes to achieve the shape that they have always wanted without dieting!... read more
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Diets Don’t Work!

In a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, a group of Australian researchers found that diet-induced weight loss alters hormone levels for a full year and this in turn affects your appetite and so it makes if more difficult to tell if you are hungry or full. This leads to “successful” dieters putting the weight back on they have lost. Most of us have spent many years dieting and the reason it doesn’t work is that the change is not at a fundamental level. It is only a temporary measure. You could potentially be “on a diet” for the rest of your life! When we work with clients with weight reduction there are No Diets and No Forbidden... read more